Month: August 2012

Eastern Massif, Picos de Europa, Northern Spain

Death Race 2000

While on the diving, swearing and suffering was going on, a similar miserable experience was being undertaken by the a separate climbing team. Based up in the the Death Race 2000 aven, the plan was to attack one of the unclimbed avens, coming into the chamber. On the first camp the aven was scaled for…
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T69 Breakthrough

o to T69 to try and get through before end of expedition to create a tantalising lead for next time. At the crossroads Duncan headed off to Bromista to retrieve rope left at the cave, with the intention of meeting us later at T69. Very hot weather of the past 2 days but the walk…
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De-rigging, Death Race 2000

So following all the excitement of the sump dive there still remains the slight problem of bringing all the kit out. Following the dive, some equipment was brought as far as the Hall of the Green Domino. The day after, the climbing team from Teeth of Satan, also brought some equipment, including one of the…
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The Big Kahuna

Day One So the day dawned where we had to put our money where our mouth was and actually dive this sump and get back in one piece. madPhil, Matt, Martin T and Dave set off early with the plan to go the Death Race 2000 aven to ready things for climbing. MadPhil and Dave…
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Cueva del Nacimiento (3)

Cueva del Nacimiento (Camp – Day 1) Last night the bulk of people arrived. Martin T, Anthony and Simon arrived in the afternoon after a fast non-stop drive down through France. Alan, Duncan and Matt arrived a few hours later. Just as well, doubts had begin to set in as to whether we could get…
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