Tresviso 2023 Mini May Trip

Eastern Massif, Picos de Europa, Northern Spain

Tresviso 2023 Mini May Trip

Currently sat at the bar (10.30am) at Manchester Airport, after a hectic morning trying to get over to catch a flight to Santander for our low key May Tresviso trip.

Initially 6 people down to 3 by the night before. Cancelled train part way down the road, no other trains getting in to Manchester on time, no parking available at the airport, so a hasty call to Derek to wait for me before he took Bob to the airport.

Made it in plenty of time, probably forgotten something across the multiple cars I’ve been in across a 2 hour period.

So what’s the plan? Changeable as always. Now we are down to 2 cavers and 1 ‘mountaineer’, the plan funnily does not change much. A few climbing objectives in Cueva de la Marniosa and some surface work in preparation for the September trip.

Cueva de la Marniosa:
The 99 Flake and Free Willy Avens need de-rigging and the equipment moved to Forgott Passage. Here we hope to tackle two smallish 10m avens, that appear to lie on the fault that runs up the valley, the same fault that Alien Weaponry chamber and Sardine Streamway lie under.

A few climbs have been identified downstream in Marniosa, these hopefully may provide further upper series and a bypass to the sump.

Finish off the downstream survey.

Cueva del Nacimiento:
This is likely to be flooded following the winter, but we may try and tackle the top entrance climb and complete re-survey.

Cueva del Resplenda:
Big Chambers and formations, worth another look, survey, 3d scan and poke in the boulder choke.

Check entrance and accessibility for possible dive in September.

Sierra del a Corta:
Check surface in vicinity of the recently identified fault in the far end of Nacimiento.

Area below Sotres / Tielve:
Permission to explore a new area (at least new for the latest expeditions) for possibly resurgences. Again this is to support possible dive and dye trace innthe C29 and La Barga caves

Minas de Mazarassa:
Look for second entrances into the system. Main entrance now collapsed.

6 days in the field. Hopefully get some results