De-rigging, Death Race 2000

Eastern Massif, Picos de Europa, Northern Spain

De-rigging, Death Race 2000

Monday saw myself, Martin G and Alan returning to the cave, with the plan to do a day trip to the back end, pick up the last 12litre cylinder, returning via Consort Hall to collect more equipment and then out of the cave.

Early start saw us down at the entrance and underground for 10, Alan coming straight from a 4 day stint underground with no day off.,,, by the bottom of the Ramp he was regretting that decision.

Quick progress to Consort Hall, where Alan had had enough, picked up the 6l dive cylinders and started for the entrance. Myself and Martin carried on to the remaining bottle. Only just over an hour to get to the backend and once collected we started on a steady trip out, with me occasionally coaxing Martin along with fizzy sweets as he was dragging the cylinder along. A short break at Consort Hall to have a cup of tea and pick up one more bag.

Everything passed smoothly, until a slight accident in the entrance series, where the increasing sized hole in my welly, eventually succumbed, offering no protection when a particular sharp piece of rock, sliced through the hole, through my wet socks and through my big toe. Rather painful.

8 hour trip, all diving equipment now out the cave.

Death Race 2000

Progress report from the climbing camp. General lack of water at the camp resolved by a 60m abseil down the Death Race chamber to a water source. The streamway rift at the bottom of the chamber has been pushed to a small sump… not mentioned in the 87 report but evidence of previous’ explorers.

Main target is the aven coming in over the main part of the chamber. This has now been bolted approx. 100m upwards, initially into a small alcove, that has popped back out into the main aven. Continuing upwards. Second 3 man camp on way.