Month: July 2016

Eastern Massif, Picos de Europa, Northern Spain

Phil solves all his caving problems!

Problem solved!

Marniosa: final rig and photos

Yesterday three teams entered Marniosa (2pm) with all three initially helping with the transport of dive cylinders to the top of the short pitch down into the main streamway. Russ and Nick then headed back towards the entrance photographing the cave. Russ has a proper camera with fancy flash units so has captured some pretty…
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Happy Birthday Phil and Joe!

Much drinking was done on Thursday as Joe and Phil celebrate their birthday.

Parting Friends

Joe and I planned to put a line on the climb upto ‘Parting Friends’ sump beyond the road to Wigan Pier, it’s a very impressive bit of stream passage with a major flow of roaring water. Unfortunately whilst trying to ascend up the slope before the pitch I slipped and got carried down the slope…
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In other news….

Hopefully, more posts to follow with updates on the following: Cueva del Nacimiento – Jurassic World – Dinosuar Aven climbed and still going Cueva del Nacimiento – Parting Friends – located and currently being bolted up to the sump Pozo Natacha – first pitch rigged New cave located on the cliff above Nacimiento

Cueva del Nacimiento – The Wet Aven and Grand Circle

With one group already on an underground camp at Death Race and the tea slurping and crisp munching getting on my nerves at base I decided to start on another underground camp.  A team had already taken in a second set of camping gear to Consort Hall the day before so the team of Phil,…
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Pozo Castillo

One of the secondary objectives of the expedition is to revisit the Pozo Del Castillo cave on the Andara mountain range.  This cave, and a number of interconnected caves and mines were explored initially by the French Les Speleois Dromis (LSD) club in in the early 1980’s.  The written report at the time talked of…
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Marniosa part 2

Derek and Duncan completed the rest of the rigging to the stream way. On the way out we took a few photos to capture the beauty of the cave. Beyond the biggest pitch (22m) Marniosa is stuffed full of formations, here is just one example of what is in this cave.

Marniosa rigging trip part 1

Today after a very late start, Emily, David, Derek and Duncan left for Marniosa. The 40 minute walk from the top of the sobra valley was pleasant, get into the cave was not fighting our way through brambles and gorse… I (Duncan)  had been the only person to have previously visited the cave and thus…
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Still no sump…

On Sunday Gareth, Mesh, Derek and Duncan went back to Wigan pier to find the sump. It was Mesh’s first time into Agua.  We quickly got back to the main passage and spent hours walking up and down it searching for the elusive bypass. At one point Duncan found a promising way up on a…
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