Eastern Massif, Picos de Europa, Northern Spain

The following pages detail each year of exploration in the Eastern Massif. A brief overview, summary of exploration, members and further references are included on each page.
2023Tresviso Caves Project
2023Club d'Espeleologia l'Avern Ontinyent
2022Tresviso Caves Project
2022Club d'Espeleologia l'Avern Ontinyent
awaiting report
2021Tresviso Caves Project
2021Club d'Espeleologia l'Avern Ontinyent
2020Interclub (Tracalet, G.E.FLASH)
2020Club d'Espeleologia l'Avern Ontinyent
2019Tresviso Caves Project
2019Club d'Espeleologia l'Avern Ontinyent
2019Interclub (A.D.KAMI)
2018Tresviso Caves Project
2018Interclub (Tracalet, G.E.FLASH)
2018Club d'Espeleologia l'Avern OntinyentPortudera 2018
2018Interclub (A.D.KAMI)
2017Tresviso Caves Project
2017Interclub (Tracalet, G.E.FLASH)
2017Club d'Espeleologia l'Avern Ontinyent
2017Interclub (A.D.KAMI)
2016Tresviso Caves Project
2016Club d'Espeleologia l'Avern OntinyentPortudera 2016
2016Interclub (Tracalet, G.E.FLASH)
2016Interclub (A.D.KAMI)
2015Tresviso Caves Project
2015Interclub (Tracalet, G.E.FLASH)
2015Interclub (A.D.KAMI)
2014South Wales Caving Club
2014Interclub (Tracalet, G.E.Flash)
2014Interclub (A.D.KAMI)
2013Interclub (A.D.KAMI)
2012South Wales Caving Club
2012Interclub (A.D.KAMI)
2011Interclub (Tracalet, G.E.Flash)
2011South Wales Caving Club
2011Interclub (A.D.KAMI)
2011S.E.B. Escar
2010South Wales Caving Club
2010Interclub (A.D.KAMI)
2010S.E.B. Escar
2009South Wales Caving Club
2009Interclub (A.D.KAMI)
2008Interclub (A.D.KAMI)
2007Interclub (A.D.KAMI)
2006Interclub (A.D.KAMI)
2005South Wales Caving Club
2005Society of Lancaster University Speleological GraduatesTresviso 2005 (LUSS reunion)
2005Interclub (A.D.KAMI)
2004Interclub (A.D.KAMI)
2003Interclub (A.D.KAMI)
2002C.E. ScarpaSierra del a Corta 2002
no report produced?
2002Interclub (A.D.KAMI)
2001C.E. ScarpaSierra del a Corta 2001 / Tresviso 2001
no report produced?
2001Interclub (A.D.KAMI)
2000Society of Lancaster University Speleological GraduatesTresviso 2000 (LUSS reunion)
2000C.E. ScarpaSierra del a Corta 2000
no report produced?
2000Interclub (A.D.KAMI)
1999C.E. ScarpaSierra del a Corta 1999
no report produced?
1999Interclub (A.D.KAMI)
1998Interclub (A.D.KAMI)
1997Interclub (A.D.KAMI)
1996South Wales Caving Club / Mendip Caving Group
1996Lancaster University Speleological SocietyTresviso 1996
1996Interclub (A.D.KAMI)
1995South Wales Caving Club
1995Lancaster University Speleological Society
1995Interclub (A.D.KAMI)Campana Bejes 1995 (no report produced?)
1994Lancaster University Speleological SocietyTresviso 1994
1994Interclub (A.D.KAMI)
1993Interclub (A.D.KAMI)
1992Interclub (A.D.KAMI)Campana Bejes 1992(no report produced?)
1991Verbond van Vlaamse Speleologen
1987South Wales Caving Club
1987Verbond van Vlaamse Speleologen
1987Lancaster University Speleological Society
1986South Wales Caving Club
1986Lancaster University Speleological Society
1986Verbond van Vlaamse Speleologen
1985Lancaster University Speleological Society
1984Lancaster University Speleological Society
1984York University Caving and Potholing Club
1983Lancaster University Speleological Society
1982Lancaster University Speleological Society
1982Red Rose Caving and Pothole Club
1981Lancaster University Speleological Society
1981Les Speleo Dromois
1980Lancaster University Speleological Society
1979Lancaster University Speleological Society
1978Lancaster University Speleological Society
1977Lancaster University Speleological Society
1977Kingswood Caving Group
1977Sheffield University Speleological Society
1976Lancaster University Speleological Society
1976Kingswood Caving Group
1975Lancaster University Speleological Society
1975Sheffield University Speleological Society
1974Lancaster University Speleological Society
1974Reading University Caving Club
1973Birmingham University Speleological SocietyNorthern Spain 1973
1972Lancaster University Speleological SocietyNorthern Spain 1972
1972Reading University Caving Club
1971Lancaster University Speleological SocietyNorthern Spain 1971
1970Lancaster University Speleological SocietyNorthern Spain 1970