Tag: Sierra del a Corta

Tresviso 2019

The 2019 expedition is only 5 weeks away. Hopefully some interesting blog posts will be created, but firstly, as per previous years, a bit of a brief overview of expedition: Overview & brief history: The Picos de Europa is a range of mountains 20km inland from the northern coast of Spain, forming a westerly extension…
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T69 Breakthrough

o to T69 to try and get through before end of expedition to create a tantalising lead for next time. At the crossroads Duncan headed off to Bromista to retrieve rope left at the cave, with the intention of meeting us later at T69. Very hot weather of the past 2 days but the walk…
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T69 A part rest day prior to a big equipment carry tomorrow. A short trip to my favourite named cave, T69. Still unfinished after the last couple of years, we keep coming back to 69 as a possible quick route into the back end of Nacimiento. The current limit is a false floor of mud…
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