Never Buy Spanish Cider

Eastern Massif, Picos de Europa, Northern Spain

Never Buy Spanish Cider

After being promised a four day camping trip in cave where, I wouldn’t get wet and in the warmest cave passage in the world, I was keen to get going. Less than 24hours after leaving Cardiff we were standing in the entrance of Cueva del Agua, a steaming resergence, 15m in diameter.

They said I didn’t need wet socks, but I was dubious so chose to take them anyway, this turned out to be a wise decision.

After inflating the boat to get across the lake, which was good fun, the next section of passage was flooded and would either be a swim or a new high traverse – so much for not getting wet. This is the wettest the team have ever seen it, its normally totally dry and you can just walk through! And it was blowing a gale,so not that warm either.

After Chris rigged a new hand line to traverse above the water, and a near miss for me when I nearly fell in the water (thanks for a hand Chris) we were on our way.

Our four day trip was then cut short when it was decided we needed to replenish our rope and have a beer. So our epic turned into a half day.

Try again tomorrow I suppose. Time for the veggie option in the bar…