Cueva del Nacimiento (2)

Eastern Massif caving expeditions

Cueva del Nacimiento (2)

I pushed on and caught up with Martin G and Dave who had got lost close to the Black Hole. We carried on together and knocked off the next few bits of cave before we reached the Ramp and headed up to Boulder Hall. All the bags were stashed with the 2 diving bottles.

On the way back down we bumped into a LUSS reunion of sorts at the top of the Ramp. Jes Peterson and Mark Sefton, along with Derek were on their way to Boulder Hall to undertake some resurveying for me.

Martin T, Anthony and Simon arrived. Bunkhouse getting crowded.

Plan for tomorrow is for Martin G, madPhil, Dave and myself to start ferrying all the dive equipment from the top of Boulder Hall to the camp at Consort Hall. One night camp and then move diving equipment from Consort Hall to the upstream sump, before exit same day. Its going to be two long miserable days….