Tresviso ’96

Eastern Massif caving expeditions


1. Further digging of the Cheese Cave (see ’95 report), discovered by John and Colin in the 1980’s. The ’95 expedition had pushed the previous limit through a flat out crawl into a small chamber. Progress was halted by a thick flake buttress. The ’96 expedition hoped to break past this, “will only take 4 hours” says Derek.

2. Further prospecting of middle camp area looking for middle entrance between Agua and Sima 56.

The Cheese Cave.

Other Caves Visited.”John’s Day Off Cave” – Arenas de CabralesPromise of new cave with a howling gale inspired us to follow John Wallwork up a steep valley near Arenas. Steep climb above valley led to impressive resurgence.Above resurgence is dry route into cave that soon connects with main streamway. Water is crystal clear and can be followed for a good few hundred metres into dangerous boulder choke. This was the limit of our exploration, but a quick look by Sean and Helen above the choke found a way on but also French topofil survey equipment.Later talk with local Spanish cavers revealed that the cave is currently the scene of much activity, especially higher up in search of top entrance. The Spanish cavers said they were happy for help digging but only after a letter was sent in advance.


N.B. Although apparently labelled T78, it is not the cave description of T78 that can be found in the journals.
Location: 018 degrees from Mancondiu Peak. 256 degrees from Beges Road, level with bend in track.
Entrance: At base of 40ft escarpment of limestone. Entrance through boulder roof collapse.
Description: One Bolt at entrance, rebolted half way down (’96). Approx 50m pitch split by large ledge. From ledge upwards leads to apparent digging and down rejoins pitch, but on the other side of the pitch the chamber appears to continue.At base of pitch continues on to cairn, either limit of previous exploration or the way on.T341Slippery slops leads to nice 8m pitch onto boulder floor. Small hole going back under entrance leads to nasty climb into tiny chamber with no way on

T71 – Large entrance near to camp, filled with rubbish and dead goats. Horrible crawl narrows down over bones.

Tresviso Cheese Caves – Invs de la Espinas

Joena and Phil spent a day exploring the small hill above Tresviso. Numerous small caves were explored and although not labelled they were probably explored fully when LUSS first arrived at Tresviso. There are a couple of entrances on the Sotres-Tresviso road, that have only been revealed with the road construction.
T1996.1 Located on road as you walk from Tresviso on left hand side.8ft above road. 2m passage splits, left hand closes down immediately with lots of loose stone, right hand narrow and requires removal of rock after 1m.
T1996.2 1/3 mile further along from 1996.1 there is a cylindrical shaft, adjacent to the first cabanas, upstream from dam in valley.The entrance is piled up with domestic refuge, however the rubbish appears to sit on diggable floor. Only for people with extremely bored disposition.
T1996.3 On the Invs de la Espinas, situated near ‘knoll’ where road cuts through limestone next to pylon. Head for the valley. Entrance is 15ft down loosed scree slopes into a chamber running along a rift. Continuing straight on leads to awkward squeeze around boulder and 8ft drop. Lots of bat droppings in small chamber, crawl under boulder immediately. No other way on. (N.B. This cave made me violently ill four hours later, either that or the tuna!)
T1996.4 From ridge of ‘knoll’ go right parallel to valley then over slightly. Entrance above bracken filled shallow doline patch. Directly into large chamber decorated with very old stals, covered in shite.Skylight to left but before and left again is crawl and connection into another large chamber, split into two levels by hand built wall. Another entrance leads out through a hornets nest.Sierra del a CortaThis is intended to be the main area of prospecting for 1998. Numerous LUSS numbered caves many of which were never descended. T291 is an undescended shaft approx. 500m from the top end of Agua. However, the large amount of trees hinders re-discovery of the shafts.

Future Prospects.

An expedition is tentatively planned for 1998 and there is the 2000 reunion. A 1998 could concentrate on the following objectives.1. Further pushing of the Cheese cave. Better equipment (drills) could easily see the flake passed.2. Exploring the Sierra de la Corta. This is a major project in itself. Although most of the shafts have been explored by LUSS the information has been lost. (Unless ex-members have it?) This area is almost directly above the far reaches of Agua and the right shaft would probably drop straight into Agua.3. Cueva del Agua. Another major project. Pushing the far reaches would mean long camping trips, a large number of expedition memebers and a lot more equipment. However, there are also numerous potential digging sites within the first part of the cave.