Cave Name:  Bat Cave

Alternate Names: Mucbe Cave
District: Toledo
Area:  Rio Grande

Location:             Co-ordinates logged with the Belize Institute of Archaeology

History of exploration:
1979 - probably entered by US Peace Corps around same time as Tiger Cave exploration.

1985 - explored during NSS Rio Grande Project.

2006 - Hydro Maya build Hydro plant in area. Road is built over top of Bat Cave and heavily used by lorries.

2013 - resurveyed by SWCC

Obvious entrance downstream of Tiger Cave situated on side of large pool. Cave appears to be a downstream continuation of Tiger Cave, but only active in wet season with no dry connection between the two caves.

Main cave is 100m long and consists of straight passage with 2 large deep pools to cross. The last pool is a large sump with no dry route on.

On right hand side of entrance is short series of passage that loop round and connect further into the cave, above the second pool. As of 2006 there was an abundance of bats in the area.

Following the creation of the road for the Hydro Plant, over the top of the cave, it was noted that there had been some rockfalls in the entrance of the cave. Although still accessible the boulders and the entrance in general should be treated with caution.

Details on archaeology and cultural remains are available from the IA.

Survey (.pdf - 0.1mb)


NSS Rio Grande Project. (1985).
SWCC Belize Report. (2006).