Cave Name: Ak'tun Ha le'e

Alternate Names: Gibnut Cave
District: Toledo
Area:  Aguacate

Location:             Co-ordinates logged with the Belize Institute of Archaeology

History of exploration:
In 2000 Irish cavers explore the entrance series and upper main chamber.  Two shafts discovered at the base of the chamber but not explored.

In 2001 SWCC explore the cave and descend the shafts to further chambers and low muddy crawls.  Water could be heard at the limit of exploration.

In 2010 SWCC re-explore the cave investigate where water had been heard.  Increased water levels prevent further exploration.


A low entrance hole, leads to a small chamber with numerous piles of pottery shards.  The left hand passage leads to a number of medium sized passages narrow to a calcited crawl.  Beyond the crawl is a large steeply sloping chamber.  At the foot of the slope 2 shafts are found.  The right hand shaft ends shortly from the base of the shaft.  The left hand branch enters another large chamber with formations.  A small amount of pottery was discovered at the base of the shafts.

Details on archaeology and cultural remains are available from the IA.

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SWCC (2001, 2010)