T510 - Cueva del Entre Cuetos

Alternate Names: Cave of the Dug Out Entrance, Cueva del Quesos (Cheese Cave)


CO-ORDINATES: 30T X:0360869 Y:4788182
LENGTH: 283m
DEPTH: -117m


From carpark head over obvious small col and skirt round RHS heading for obvious gap between two small cols. Follow track down hill, through leafy area. An obvious depression contains a small pile of rocks dug from the entrance. Entrance to right of track


Small obvious cheese cave at side of depression



From the entrance go past the old cheese tables and turn left to a junction.  Drop down and left to a tight crawl.  The crawl turns right and enters a small chamber.  A hole in floor leads down (feet first) and then to the right.   A small crawl leads to the first pitch of 10m.  The second pitch follows immediately and is 10m to an awkward climb down for a further 4m to a chamber. 

Climb down over a boulder to find the top of the third ’Sword’ pitch.  The pitch is 30m, split with a rebelay approx. 5m down. 

At the base of Sword pitch a 2m climb up on the right hand side leads to the start of the fourth (6m) and fifth (5m) pitches, which can be rigged as one.

A winding rift passage leads to the 4m pitch into the Waiting Room, a small sandy chamber.  At the bottom of the chamber a series of flat out crawls leads to the limit of exploration in the 1990’s, a tight rift with a draught.

2010 extensions

In 2010 the rift was enlarged and a succession of 3 pitches were discovered and explored (7m, 8m and 10m).  The final pitch lands in a roomy chamber where the character of the cave begins to change, becoming wetter and colder.  A drop down at the end of the chamber leads to an immature stream way which gradually becomes too tight and the draught becomes less detectible.