T190 Septrin

Alternate Names: Torca Septrin


CO-ORDINATES: 30T X:0360109 Y:4786462
DEPTH: -180m


Follow a sheep track north west from the boggy area in the bottom of the depression below Pico del Moro. After walking 300m and climbing 100m the entrance is seen. The entrance is a large surface feature 4m by 4m with a small cliff at one side.




Depending on the level of the snow plug, a hand line or a 10m abseil is required to descend the snow slope at the entrance.
At the bottom, to the right is a small blind chamber, to the left duck under a small 'doorway' into a chamber.    Traverse over a small blind pit to the head of the first pitch, which is 12m and leads to the head of the next small pitch.  At the bottom of the pitch the pot closed down to the right.

On the left a short vertical squeeze of 1m is encountered.  In 2010 it proved to be incredibly tight, even for the thinnest members of the expedition.  The pitch head was widened, but still remains quite restrictive, especially on the ascent.  The pitch soon opens  opens out onto a further short pitch which twists down to a further pitch of 34m.  

Here the pot widens out; landing on a loose boulder floor which must be negotiated carefully.  This quickly leads to a parallel shaft, and the next pitch of 25m.  The hang originally was from the corner of the shaft.  In 2010 a more direct route was taken straight down the shaft, but this necessitates the need for a re-belay close to a number of large loose flakes.  Extreme caution is advised.

After the rebelay the rope is soon hanging free in the centre of a very large shaft, with water trickling down from an unseen inlet.

A small trickle runs away at the bottom of the shaft into a rift which rapidly becomes phreatic, and a pool is reached at stream level.   This was the limit of exploration in 1981.

2010 discoveries

In 2010 the final rift was enlarged and access given to a section of sharp rifts above the water to a tight crawl and squeeze leading down to a 2m climb into a small chamber.  

A hole to the right of the chamber is best laddered and leads to approx. 15m of climbs on sharp rock, where a hand line is advisable.  At the bottom of the climbs a further rift leads off, following the water, but narrows and becomes too tight.  The rift appears to widen approx. 2m in and above the stream level.  A draught is still detectable.