Alternate Names: T105

Includes:T91 Lower White House Mine -RCA6 - Boulderosa - T105 Italianos - T144 Rosario - FT39 Pozo del Compromisso - FT40


CO-ORDINATES:30 T X:0360771 Y:4786022
LENGTH: 410m (2300m including all Sistema Ramazosa)
DEPTH: -73m (to start of T91A Torca Boulderosa)


The entrance to Italianos is an obvious triangular mine working and can be found by following the path from Caseton de Andara (The Whitehouse) up and around to the right, along the main pathway toward the Lake Depression.  Just before entering the Lake Depression, on the left of the path is a smaller depression, Italianos is to be found on the furthest right hand side of the depression and is marked with ‘Italianos’ in red letters.  


An obscure small rectangular mined entrance in the cliff face with Italianos painted beside it.


This is currently the safest entrance into the Boulderosa system. (Passage to Boulderosa via RCA6 has collapsed)


It is worth noting that Italianos is in a decaying state and care should be taken at all times, with loose rock above, rock strewn rotten gallery’s and decaying woodwork throughout.
Once inside the entrance the passage continues to a slight left bend and then splits, right leads to a deep flooded shaft while left leads to the first pitch head (30m) split with two re-belays to reach the floor.  

The continuation from here follows some natural passage around a few bends and onto another rotten gallery with a fixed line across, passing over an unstable gallery and across another chamber towards the next pitch (4m). From here a pitch drops back under the travelled route, the way on continues opposite, along the obvious path down and along the edge of a steep chamber, passing a rock bridge and back underneath a ramp (30m) leading to the level below. Back under the ramp is a dead end.  

Away from the ramp leads towards the pitch (30m) down to RCA6. It is possible to continue over the top of the pitch, however it is unstable. The pitch is broken by 2 re-belays over a couple of loose ledges.  

On the ground an old worked mine level continues off to more loose and rotting galleries, while the impressive tube leads down into RCA 6 and T91 the Lower White House Mine. 

An obvious eyehole on the left in the mined passage is the start of the first pitch of T91A Torca Boulderosa.